Online Communities & Crowds

Online Communities & Crowds
Comm Studies 378
Fall, 2014

Critical community analysis #1

Due: 12pm (noon), October 13, 2014 (see details below)

Instructions & requirements

For this assignment, you will conduct a critical analysis of a specific collective dynamic in a specific community. Your analysis should be written as a response to the prompt provided below.

Your completed assignment must be:


Based on your experiences and understanding of the course materials, analyze the process of newcomer socialization on wikiHow.

In responding to this prompt you should: (1) briefly describe the wikiHow project and community; (2) explain, in general terms, the general dynamic of newcomer socialization as well as its significance; (3) explain, in more specific, concrete terms, how the process of newcomer socialization works in this community; (4) identify a significant problem or shortcoming in newcomer socialization on wikiHow; and (5) propose a concrete, tractable improvement or solution to address this problem or shortcoming. Your analysis, and especially your proposed improvement, should draw effectively on the course materials for support (readings, lectures, discussions, guest speakers, assignments, etc.). You may, if you choose, also draw on additional outside sources and materials that help you support and/or document your claims.

Evaluation criteria:

This assignment be evaluated (by the teaching team and several of your peers) using the following criteria:

The teaching team will combine our own assessments with those of your peers to create a single letter grade for each individual's analysis. Incomplete or missing assignments will receive no credit.