Online Communities & Crowds

Online Communities & Crowds
Comm Studies 378
Fall, 2014

wikiHow peer assessment

Due: 3pm, October 10, 2014 in class (see details below)


As a continuation of your work writing a wikiHow article with your group, you will also individually assess another group's article. Here are the instructions for this assignment.

  1. Sign in to your wikiHow account.
  2. Go to Sneha's wikiHow user talk page. All eleven how-tos made by the class are linked there.
  3. Take your group number, and subtract 1, and go to that group's article (i.e. members of group 3 go to the article made by group 2, group 2 goes to the article by group 1, and group 1 goes to the article by group 11).
  4. On that article, click the 'Discuss' link at the top of the page.
  5. Leave a comment with feedback on the article. Ideally, start by noting things they did well, continue with carefully considered constructive criticism, and end with an overall assessment of the article and words of encouragement.

Please note that the assignment will be evaluated on a complete/incomplete basis by the teaching team as part of your peer assessment portfolio.