Online Communities & Crowds

Online Communities & Crowds
Comm Studies 378
Fall, 2014


Wikipedia Lab Assignments Overview

In this sequence of six lab assignments, you will learn about and contribute to Wikipedia. Together with the other members of your group, you will research, write, and publish a new article in Wikipedia on a topic of your choice. As part of this process you will interact with other Wikipedia community members who are not part of the class. You will also write a brief, individual reflection assessing your experience and connecting it to other material in the course.

You will begin working on these assignments during the class Lab sessions on Fridays and complete them by the corresponding deadline. The Wikipedia assignments are not synchronized with the rest of the course material, but should provide you with many opportunities to reflect on the other cases, dynamics, and challenges we are covering.

Only Task #6 (the reflection essay) includes anything that you will need to turn in via Canvas, you will need to participate in Wikipedia each week. The teaching team will be able to see this activity and help you where appropriate. The Lab sessions and regular class meetings will include time to discuss your experiences.

Please note: Since these assignments are stretched out over six weeks, I recommend that you take notes and reflect on your experience throughout. This will help you complete the reflection essay (Task #6) much more easily.

Task #1: Orientation

Due: October 17 (before class)


Task #2: User pages & article topic selection

Due: October 24 (before class)


If there is a topic you know are interested in writing about that doesn't have an article, go ahead and suggest it. If you are having trouble coming up with a specific topic on your own, there are a few resources you might find helpful:

Task #3: Research & draft articles

Due: October 31 (before class)


Task #4: Publish articles

Due: November 7 (before class)


Task #5: Peer review other groups' articles

Due: November 14 (before class)


Task #6: Revise articles & write reflection essay

Due: November 21 (before class)