Research Design for Causal Inference

Assignment Evaluation Criteria

Research Design for Causal Inference


This page elaborates the evaluation criteria I will apply to your projects in this class. You may also use these criteria as a guide for evaluating your peers' work.

As it happens, my evaluation criteria are also very similar to the approach I take to writing peer reviews of conference and journal submissions. For (highly relevant) general guidance on writing effective peer review check out this column from The Chronicle of Higher Ed and this extremely helpful OrgTheory post from Northwestern's own Brayden King.

General guidance on evaluating your peer's work

I've provided a list of some generic questions/topics you may attempt to address when evaluating empirical research. It may be that some questions/topics are more applicable than others. For each one that you address, try to articulate the paper's approach and strengths as well as constructive criticism and suggestions for how the work might achieve the author's goals more effectively. Keep in mind that your evaluation of the work should neither be based on the hypothetical paper you think the author should have written nor the hypothetical paper you would have written (suspiciously, these two hypothetical papers often have a lot in common...), but rather the actually existing paper created by the author.