Online Communities and Crowds

Course Schedule

Online Communities & Crowds
Northwestern University
Comm Studies 378
Fall, 2016

Please note: This document will evolve a great deal over the quarter. You should check it frequently to ensure that you have the most current information about assignments, readings, etc.! All reading assignments will be updated no less than 1 week prior to their due dates. If you wish to read further ahead than that, please get in touch and I'll help you out.

Send any questions or course-related emails to Aaron or Jeremy and please include [occ] in the subject line. This will help us keep track of them and respond more promptly.

Sept 21 — Introductions, the Internet, and Sharing (Slides)

Sept 23 — Lab: Internet Protocols and/as Public Goods (Slides)

Sept 26 — Cyberculture! Early Online Communities (Slides and Soundtrack)

Sept 28 — Motivation (Slides)

Sept 30 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #1 (Slides)

In class: begin Wikipedia Task #1
(here's a direct link to our course dashboard on Wikipedia).

Reminder: please bring a computing device with an Internet connection (e.g., a laptop or a tablet) to class!

Oct 3 — Commons, Public Goods, and Collective Action (Slides)

Oct 5 — Organizational culture & institutions (Slides)

Oct 7 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #2: Big Shoulders Edit-a-thon

occ Wikipedia course dashboard.

We will meet in Fiske Hall, Room 111 (the Knight Lab)

Oct 10 — Code and Other Laws: Community Rules & Governance (Slides)

Oct 12 — Teamwork and Leadership (Slides)

*Today's class will meet in Frances Searle Room 1-180 *

Oct 14 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #3

occ Wikipedia course dashboard.

Oct 17 — n00bs! Encouraging Newcomers in Online Communities (Slides)

Critical Community Analysis #1 posted today

Oct 19 — Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)(Slides)

Oct 21 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #4

occ Wikipedia course dashboard.

Oct 24 — Peer Production (Slides)

Critical Community Analysis #1 Due Today via Canvas

Oct 26 — Innovation Communities(Slides)

Oct 28 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #5

occ Wikipedia course dashboard.

Oct 31 — Hackers and Pirates(Slides)

Peer assessment of Critical Community Analysis #1 Due Today before class

Nov 2 — Movements & Civic Media (Slides)

Nov 4 — Lab: Microtasks

Nov 7 — Crowd Work & Citizen Science (Slides)

Microtasks Lab reflection due before class via Canvas

Nov 9 — Human Computation (with a human face)? (Slides)

Nov 11 — Lab: Wikipedia Task #6

occ Wikipedia course dashboard.

Nov 14 — Remix Culture

Guest lecture: Sneha Narayan

Nov 16 — Tough Problems #1: Starting New Communities

Final project proposals due today

Nov 18 — Lab: Final Project Workshop Session

Due today:

Nov 21 — No class

Nov 23 — No class

Nov 28 — Tough Problems #2: Building Inclusive Communities (Slides)

Nov 30 — Closing Argument: The Future of the Internet (Slides)

December 7 — Final Projects due by 5pm Central Time via Canvas